Free Download: Cheat Engine 5.5

Cheat Engine is a software which is so useful to educational system. Because of Cheat Engine has purpose to education. This software is based open source where it can be downloaded free in Cheat Engine. Therefore, before you will use this software, you must read Cheat Engine Policy.

Free Download Cheat Engine 561

Cheat Engine 561 is a software which is released by Cheat Engine. This software is based open source where it can be downloaded free. Cheat Engine Software is usually used to cheat some game both online and offline. To use this software, you need change address value. To change value, we need type the value, and then double click and change the value agree with our wants.

Free Download Game: Counter Strike

Game Counter Strike is a game which is very interesting and so wonderful. This game play some army to struggle with some enemy. Therefore, you must shoot your enemy with using your weapon. There are some weapon kinds which can be used by you to kill your enemy.

Free Download: ENVI 4.5

ENVI 4.5 is one of Geographic Information System (GIS) software. This software is so useful to analyze and process geospatial data like satellite imagery, aerial photograph, topography map, and others. Existence of ENVI 4.5 is very important to assist your assignment.

Land Classification and Land Use Planning (LCLP) Software

Land Classification and Land Use Planning (LCLP) is a software which is so useful to classify land capability and to determine conservation priority. In addition, this software can also be used to plan land use in one area. LCLP software is developed by Prof. Dr. Suratman WS., M.Sc. He is a geomorphologist and lecturer in Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia.

Tutorial ArcGIS

ArcGIS is a software which is used to digitize, map, analyze, and produce spatial data like map, satellite imagery, aerial photograph, and other. This software is produced by ESRI, United States America (USA). ArcGIS software is very expensive so that it will make difficult to student to get the software. However, if you want to buy the ArcGIS, you can come to ESRI in USA because this software has a lisence.

Tutorial Quantum GIS

Quantum GIS is a software which usually is used to analyze, map, organize and produce spatial data which have georeference in this World. This software is so usefull to assist some scientist like Geographer, Geologist, Geomorphologist, Hydrologist, and other. Because of the scientist, it must use spatial data in researching.